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Margaret Fox helps you clarify difficulties, get the knowledge you need to make a new plan, and proceed with greater understanding. Your problems provide the opportunity to learn strategies for running your business effectively. Her approach accommodates the needs and idiosyncrasies of your profession. With her network of trusted specialists she has access to a broad range of resources including legal, accounting, editorial, sales and more. Margaret works in collaboration with you toward a mutually agreed goal.

Coaching—it's all about you
Coaching helps you when you are ready to make important changes in your life, from new work to new goals. With access to Margaret's intuition, imagination, and support, you can choose the direction to a more satisfying life.

"Margaret Fox's coaching helps me focus on important short- and long-term goals and to pay attention to what is really important." Quote about Margaret FoxThrough your collaboration with Margaret Fox, you will:

  • Define what you really want to do
  • Make informed decisions
  • Focus on how best to achieve your goals
  • Maintain a steady course to reach them

Success, however you define it, comes from thoughtful planning, propelled by curiosity and knowledge. The development of a realistic plan helps you move from stage to stage. Encouraging you in this process, Margaret Fox gives you honest and direct feedback.

Your business—the overall view and the myriad details—requires review on a regular basis. New questions always arise. Wonder where all the money goes? How to deal with staff issues? Food costs too high? Menu needs revision? Curious about promotional possibilities? Want to increase your profits?

"Her scope of knowledge and range of industry contacts are amazing." Quote about Margaret FoxDon’t waste limited resources—time, money, energy—by reacting instead of acting.

When these issues confront you, Margaret can objectively evaluate the nature of the problems and their possible solutions. She provides the perspective of a thinking partner who understands the complexity of small business.

You can coach and consult with Margaret Fox in person, by phone or email.

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